Service to Safety™ | Workplace Violence Prevention | IN-PERSON

Upon completion, participants will be able to

  • Utilize ARETE Threat Level Assessment
  • Make safe and effective choices in response to dynamic situations
  • Manage low-level anger through to abusive language and threats of violence
  • De-escalate and defuse angry and escalated people
  • Safely disengage and provide co-worker assistance
  • Demonstrate workplace safety strategies and best practices
  • Understand how their response impacts personal risk levels

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All workshops are customized to meet the job-specific needs of the participants by incorporating spontaneous and realistic scenarios. Training specialists also provide expert coaching and direct feedback to participants as they learn to safely respond.


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Increased staff confidence
  • Reduced employee stress
  • Enhanced service motivation
  • Reduced incidents of violence

Threatening behaviours, verbal abuse and hostility are an unfortunate reality for many workplaces. Our unique approach recognizes that the level of risk is often determined by the choices workers make in response to the behaviours of clients or customers. Our job-specific Service to Safety™ Workplace Violence Prevention Training course trains and creates a shift in how workers perceive and respond to escalating behaviours and potential violence.  As a result, workers assume greater responsibility for their safety, while recognizing their critical role in responding to situations and behaviours.

We don’t offer prescriptive ‘paint-by-number’ reactions to crisis or advocate controlling escalating behaviours through the setting of limits. We give your staff the ‘real-world’ skills needed to safely and effectively respond to and manage a full range of behaviours, from low-level agitation to escalated behaviours, threats, and acts of violence.

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My own feelings were echoed by all the evaluations- the only recommendation we have for improving the training is “More! More! More! We loved it!”. I highly recommend ARETE training for any agency or business. They operate with complete integrity and professionalism. We would (and will!) use them again in a heart beat.

Chilliwack Community Services

I want to thank ARETE safety…for the outstanding training. Their dynamic and engaging facilitation skills along with their expertise and knowledge were a breath of fresh air.

Department of Justice- Corrections Yellowknife

They deliver excellent presentations and the workshop content is valuable. In-class skills practice inspires and equips staff to use the skills when they go back to their jobs and workplace. I recommend ARETE workshops.

City of New Westminster

The well-paced and highly interactive workshops successfully merge theory with specific job-related scenarios that reflect the challenging situations our staff face in their day-to-day work. Participants leave the sessions with the skills and confidence needed to assess potentially violent situations, proactively manage conflict and respond in the safest and most effective way to challenging situations with clients.

Ministry of Social Development, Vancouver Coastal Region

“Much more practical and useful than expected. Having realistic preparation and expectations for how to handle conflict. Understanding that there is no formula for avoiding violence and your safety should always be top priority.”

Vancouver Public Library

“Practical and applicable not only in the workplace, but in real life.”

Fortis BC

“Hit the mark. Exactly what field personnel need.”

Fortis BC

We strongly recommend ARETE’s Workplace Violence Prevention training as it was relevant for all staff; from our field workers to our office workers. Our staff left the training feeling like they had acquired the skills and confidence to manage challenging customer interactions and prevent violence.

Manager of Human Resources and Health and Sustainability District of Lake Country

[ARETE] excelled in providing real life scenarios that kept the participants engaged and focused on how to manage and respond to work place violence situations. Further, [ARETE] had a very interactive approach, [which helped] participants feel comfortable and open to real issues experienced.

Safety Manager Fraser Surrey Docks

In every case, sessions were well-attended, well-reviewed and deemed to be extremely relevant and useful to all of our workers who attended.

OHS Advisor City of Abbotsford

ARETE Training’s PSA for WorkSafeBC



Health care workers often face violence and aggression on the job—sometimes from their patients or clients, and other times from patients’ family members. As subject experts, ARETE Training was invited by WorkSafeBC to produce a series of PSAs to promote the need for workplace violence prevention training.

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