Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

ARETE’s Workplace Violence Risk Assessment process is designed to provide the most realistic and useful information possible, while recognizing both the dynamic nature of human interactions and unique organizational structures in various workplaces. ARETE utilizes a number of approaches in an effort to gain insight into the level of risk, the nature of risk, and the various factors that may affect the risk for violence and overall management of the risk. The ultimate goal is to assist clients in finding practical solutions for addressing violence in the workplace. We encourage the involvement of staff, management and safety committee members.

The following broad objectives are kept in mind during the risk assessment process:

  • To provide an objective overview of the nature and extent of concerns regarding workplace violence.
  • To review current work practices, procedures, and other aspects of operations that may be related to the risk of violence.
  • To provide recommendations which enhance worker safety and will lead to a strengthened position of compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Workplace violence is often viewed as a relatively subjective hazard when compared to other areas of occupational health and safety. Environmental design and physical security are important considerations throughout the assessment; however, some emphasis is placed on staff/client interactions and work processes, as these factors ultimately affect the level of risk more than the physical environment itself.

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“ARETE completed a workplace violence safety assessment on approximately half of our offices, provided training to all staff in these sites and developed comprehensive workplace violence policies and procedures. Without a doubt working with ARETE is one of the best things we have ever done in HRLE. All staff who have participated in the training felt it was the best training they have ever done.”

Advanced Education and Skills (HRLE) Assistant Deputy Minister Newfoundland

ARETE conducted a through analysis of our current security processes, toured and evaluated individual branches, and followed up with a series of recommendations with the goal of streamlining our procedures and making our branches a safer place to work. Their commitment to us, creative solutions, and insightful counsel has positioned ARETE to be a strategic partner with our organization.

Okanagan Regional Library

We have utilized the services of ARETE Training for over twenty years. They have provided risk assessment services and training for city employees on violence prevention.

City of New Westminster
Family Services of Greater Vancouver logo with green flower.

“The ARETE staff did an outstanding job…in producing relevant and useful documents. In addition, the violence prevention training has proved to be extremely helpful for staff members throughout our agency, and of all the trainings we offer in our organization, it has consistently received the highest ratings from staff. From our experience, ARETE is the best company around for providing both risk assessments and violence prevention training, and we recommend them wholeheartedly.”

Chief Operations Officer Family Services of Greater Vancouver
Workplace NL logo with text: "Health, Safety, Compensation."

“ARETE Safety and Protection Inc. provided our organization with a comprehensive violence risk assessment that was used to implement changes to our three facilities as well as for developing violence prevention policies and procedures. WorkplaceNL highly recommends the services of ARETE Safety and Protection Inc.”

Executive Director, Worker Services WorkplaceNL

“I have had the pleasure of working with Hugh Pelmore and his team many times during my career in Government Justice (BC, Yukon and NWT). ARETE was engaged to complete workplace violence assessment of our diverse workplace ranging from high security to outside work programs; 300 staff. I have found the work of ARETE to be excellent and I confidently recommend ARETE for Workplace Violence Risk Assessments and training in a Correctional environment.”

Director of Corrections Government of Northwest Territories

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