OnSide Workplace™ Training ONLINE Bullying & Personal Harassment| Response and Prevention

Upon completion, participants will:

  • Be able to recognize and respond to bullying and harassment
  • Identify their role in creating a respectful workplace
  • Identify the appropriate process to follow including witnessing, documenting, and reporting
  • Recognize the importance of increased self-awareness
  • Appreciate that this training provided real solutions for challenges they likely face in their workplace
  • Appreciate you can still have fun at work and that you don’t have to walk around on eggshells

ARETE’s OnSide Workplace™ Bullying & Personal Harassment online training sets the stage for a positive shift in how individuals view and respond to workplace conflict. We present a no-nonsense, straightforward approach that encourages staff and supervisors to assume responsibility and take action to create a workplace that people enjoy being a part of.

A majority of employees and supervisors understand what it means to conduct themselves in a way that fosters, enhances, and is generally consistent with a productive, professional, and respectful work environment. The real issue for employees is having the motivation, courage and assertiveness to speak up effectively to deal with unwanted behaviours early on.

By partnering with LearnKit and their Learncycle pedagogy, ARETE’s online training empowers your employees to have the confidence to effectively intervene with bullying, harassment, and other unwanted behaviors.



bullying & personal harassment training human resource professionals


We really appreciated that providing the eLearning meant that it took a lot off our plate and we were satisfied that through the online training, our supervisors were receiving the training they required, and nothing was missed.

Pan Pacific Whistler

My company went through the e-learning with ARETE and we all very much enjoyed the experience. Hugh is very engaging in the online videos and the nature of the training is entertaining yet effective!


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