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By taking this course, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize ARETE Threat Level Assessment
  • Be motivated and confident to safely approach those without identification
  • Understand the importance of reporting suspicious people and circumstances
  • Manage their response to workplace escalation
  • Safely disengage
  • Identify suspicious packages
  • Understand the procedures involved in lockdown, bomb threat evacuation, and response to armed assailant(s)
  • Improve personal safety in parkades, while riding transit, and assault prevention

Personal Safety Corporate Safety training is an integral part of any corporate security initiative.

All too often, access control is left to security personnel and systems, and the vital role of all other staff in a facility is overlooked. Security measures alone do not ensure a safe or secure workplace. Involving your employees not only improves security, but also gives them a sense of responsibility and control in maintaining a safe and secure environment. It is essential for staff to be motivated to consider corporate safety training plans and picture themselves responding positively to the possibilities.

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Online Training for Corporate Security Course

In this learning option, participants engage in a multimedia approach that includes volatile customer video review and analysis, numerous interactive exercises, pre and post training surveys, self assessments as well as knowledge tests.

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In-Person Corporate Security Training/Workshops

Our full-time expert Training Specialists facilitate customized in-person workshops for virtually every industry from coast to coast. We incorporate spontaneous and job specific scenarios, while providing expert coaching to participants as they learn to safely manage interactions with the public.

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