Verbal De-escalation for Phone Interactions

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Self-paced and fully interactive online course available

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By taking this course, participants will explore:

  • De-escalating Caller Anger | Audio Review and Analysis
  • Effective Response to Foul Language, Verbal Abuse, Harassment, and Threats
  • Pre-planning and Managing our Response
  • Disengagement Strategies
  • How and When to Trade Off With a Co-worker
  • Enhancing Proactive Customer Service
  • Reporting and Documenting Incidents

Create a shift in how workers perceive and respond to escalating interactions

Our unique and engaging phone de-escalation training gives employees the confidence and skills to effectively respond to the continuum of client and customer conflict, from low-level agitation through to verbal abuse, aggression, and threats. This course is designed to create a shift in how workers perceive and respond to escalating interactions, and as a result, workers assume greater responsibility for their choices and better understand the critical role they play in how situations unfold.

Screenshot of an ARETE presentation slide about handling phone interactions. With image of man yelling at phone and woman speaking and standing in front of a white wall.

Online Training

A leading expert in workplace de-escalation takes participants through the best practices of pre-planning, visualization, knowing our own limitations, verbal intervention, as well as key phone de-escalation strategies. We utilize a multimedia approach, in which learners experience engaging audio review and analysis, pre and post training surveys, as well as knowledge tests.

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