The Benefits of Customized Training Solutions


Your valued team members deserve more than just another generic, canned training program. Give them engaging, practical and job specific training that they can immediately relate to and learn from.

Job specific role-play scenario interactions, review and analysis gives your staff the real confidence to effectively de-escalate and safely manage the continuum of dynamic and quickly changing public interactions.


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Employees benefit from being actively engaged in and observing potentially volatile interactions that involve their specific public communications: clients, customers, patients.

Our Corporate Business Training Customization Process

Whether you choose to have training delivered via live webinar, in-person workshop or through our interactive e-learning, we will tailor training to meet the specific needs of your employees. We begin by consulting with you to identify your training goals, intended audience, and learning objectives. Our recognized violence prevention expert will work with you to better understand the challenges your employees face as well as identify any contributing factors that increase employee risk. This typically involves a confidential review of documented incidents, near misses, policies, procedures and other communication-related training previously provided.

In order to further identify existing training gaps and better understand employee concerns, we can meet with select managers and supervisors as well as key employees. We customize our award-winning curriculum to address your identified training needs. Our team crafts job-specific scenarios that involve identified customer challenges and incorporate best practices for violence prevention within your organization’s service delivery framework. Our in-house video production team will film agreed-upon scenarios at your worksite, with actors dressed in employee apparel. Video scenarios will be embedded in your customized e-learning program and or utilized in ARETE facilitated workshops.

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Live Webinars, In-person Workshops and Online Training Customization

  • Job Specific Scenario Development and Delivery
  • Industry best practices for Violence Prevention
  • Incorporate Industry Specific Language
  • Customized Companion Guides – incorporate your logos, your policies, key contacts listed
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“I have had opportunity to preview, participate in, and evaluate a wide range of violence prevention workshops and have found none that approach the quality of the training provided by ARETE. These workshops are consistently rated by our staff as the best training they have ever attended.”

Manager Organizational Health and Development
Ministry of Social Development
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“I heard from almost every guy that it was some of the best training that they had been involved in for a long time. I have already recommended [ARETE] to the rest of our management group.”

Line Manager BC Hydro Smithers/Hazelton
Service to Safety™
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“ARETE provided customized violence prevention training to all WorkplaceNL staff. The training proved to be extremely helpful for staff, and of all training provided to this organization, ARETE has received the highest ratings from staff. WorkplaceNL highly recommends the services of ARETE safety and protection Inc.”

Worker Services WorkplaceNL
Service to Safety™

Having trained almost every industry sector for 30 years, we fully understand the potentially challenging conflicts that your workers face when dealing with the public. Our extensive industry training experience along with additional information you may provide allows our team to quickly create the most meaningful live webinar and in-person training available.

For a number of clients, we take our award-winning training to an even higher level. This is achieved by creating client-specific video scenarios, produced in-house. We can shoot at your site, wear your uniforms and demonstrate best practices for de-escalating your potential conflicts. 

Our straightforward customization process results in your team reporting that ARETE training was the best training of its kind, ever!

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