Conflict is an inevitable part of most workplaces. But whether it’s between co-workers or from clients or customers, ARETE has a suite of practical solutions you need to manage and prevent workplace conflict.

Service to Safety™ Workplace Violence Prevention

ARETE's customized, job-specific workshop gives employees the ability to continually assess customer/client behaviours and make safe and effective communication choices, all while managing their own emotions. Employees will learn that they have a choice in how they respond to extremely challenging or volatile interactions. 

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COVID-19 Customer Conflict Management | Communicating Health and Safety Guidelines

Through use of realistic COVID-19 related video scenarios, ARETE’s workplace violence prevention expert presents ‘real world’ communication strategies that give employees, supervisors and managers the tools needed to enhance personal safety while maintaining health and safety guidelines in their workplace.

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OnSide Workplace™ Bullying & Harassment Response and Prevention

This highly interactive and entertaining workshop provides employees with practical skills, confidence and motivation to proactively manage a variety of potential conflicts and unwanted behaviours that are all too common in workplaces. Even in some of the most challenging and/or toxic work environments, OnSide Workplace training continues to have immense success.

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Workplace Violence Risk Assessments

ARETE’s risk assessment process assists clients in finding practical solutions for effectively addressing workplace violence and compliance-related concerns. We recognize and analyze both the dynamic nature of human interaction and the unique organizational structures in each workplace.

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Personal Safety | Public Interaction and Compliance

Our Personal Safety | Public Interaction and Compliance course covers the essentials of safe and effective public engagement, including: building rapport, gaining compliance, managing escalated situations, and much more.

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Additional Corporate Safety Training

Although not every employee has contact with customers or clients, personal safety is an important subject for anyone whether on or off the job. Our additional training is suited for employees who have limited to no contact with customers or clients, but still offers them the opportunity to take responsibility for their safety in their daily life as well as with keeping their workplace safe and secure.

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Our engaging and interactive curriculum has been a popular part of many conferences across the country. We have spoken on topics ranging from safety for business travellers, managing challenging clients or customers, working alone, and dealing with workplace bullying and harassment.

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Safety with Sam™ | Youth Personal Safety

Personal safety can be an emotionally stressful topic. And for some of us, it can be pretty overwhelming too. With Safety with Sam, she walks you through the core safety basics and goes over scenarios that help you feel more confident about your choices. Sometimes, it just takes a shift in the way we think about personal safety so we can be realistic about the possibilities and safely respond or better yet, avoid completely.

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