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Hugh Pelmore speaking in front of a classroom of people at a safety conference.

ARETE’s engaging and interactive curriculum has been a popular part of many safety conferences across the country. Our Canadian keynote speakers have spoken on topics ranging from safety for business travelers, managing challenging clients or customers, working alone, and dealing with workplace bullying and harassment.

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At our UBC Safety Day, Hugh presented an engaging session to a group of 150 Health and Safety Committee Members. His flexibility and ability to tailor examples to the audience and encourage questions helped the audience fully understand the content. Many of my colleagues provided exceptional feedback describing Hugh’s presentation as interactive, funny and memorable.

Safety Program Adviser University of British Columbia

As past president of the BC Municipal Safety Association and Chair of our [triennial] safety conference, I strongly recommend Hugh Pelmore as a presenter for conference or training venues.

His presence was a key ingredient to the success of the past two BC Municipal Safety Conferences. Their presentations were consistently rated by conference participants as one of the best sessions they attended and rated by the conference committee as a must-have at every conference. Hugh’s interactive seminars and humour are their strength and are ideal for a conference atmosphere.

Vice President | Training and Recruitment BC Maritime Employers Association

ARETE Training delivered a fantastic safety workshop to a group of 220 new employees during our kick-off orientation in addition to working with ARETE Training at another hotel. Both training initiatives were excellent and very well-received by our employees.

Safety is a dry subject to teach and despite the serious nature of the topics, ARETE Training was able to engage a broad demographic of employees to the importance of safety through humour and an impactful demonstration. The employees “raved” about the workshop and the organization achieved its objective of due diligence. Thank you!

Director of Human Resources Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver

Previous Conferences

BC Municipal Safety Conference:

  • 1996- Violence Prevention for Frontline Workers
  • 1999- Nuts and Bolts of a Violence Prevention Program: Development and Implementation
  • 1999- Work Alone: Regulatory and Violence Prevention Perspectives
  • 2002- Implementation of Effective Violence Prevention Training in the Municipal Setting
  • 2005- Co-Worker Violence: They Don’t Just Snap
  • 2007- The Prevention of Co-Worker Violence
  • 2009- 1- Violence in the Workplace: A Real World Approach. 2- Some Will Bully at Work if We Let Them.
  • 2011- 1- Controlling your Emotions When dealing with Challenging Clientele. 2- Demystifying the Toxic Workplace (co-worker and customer)

Western Canadian Conference on Safety

  • 1999, 2000- Workplace Violence Prevention for Frontline Workers
  • 2001- Nuts and Bolts of a Violence Prevention Program
  • 2013- 1- Are Your Co-Workers Driving You Crazy? 2- Controlling Your Emotions When Dealing with Challenging Clientele

Risk and Insurance Management Society, Western Canada/U.S. Conference

  • 2000- Personal Safety for Business Travellers

Risk and Insurance Management Society, North American Conference, New Orleans

  • 2002- The Human Element in Corporate Security; Post 9/11 Access Control

Risk and Insurance Management Society, Canadian Conference

  • 2003- Co-worker Violence: Practical Approaches from a Risk Management Perspective

Pacific Institute on Addiction Studies

  • 2003- Violence Prevention Awareness: The Link to Stress Reduction for Addictions Professionals

Fraser Valley Regional Library

  • 2010- Code of Conduct: Dealing with Difficult People

Upper Island Safety Conference

  • 2011- (Keynote) 1- Are Your Co-Workers Driving You Crazy?. 2-Workplace Violence- Stop Trying to Control the Customer

Canadian Mental Health Association

  • 2013- Bullying & Harassment: Response and Prevention & Workplace Violence Prevention

Ledcor Sales Conference

  • 2016- ARETE’s Service to Safety™

Ministry of Children and Family Development

  • Introduction to Service to Safety™


ARETE Training at DisruptHR YVR



ARETE Training’s CEO and President, Hugh Pelmore, was invited to speak at DisruptHR YVR, where speakers were given five minutes to educate and inform the audience in their chosen specialty.

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