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History of our safety training company

Founded in 1992, ARETE Safety Training and Protection Inc. (pronounced – a ‘reh tay) has developed a unique approach to the prevention and management of workplace violence and conflict, setting us apart as the industry leader. ARETE workshops receive acclaim as the most relevant, effective, and well-researched programs available; consistently praised for having a profoundly positive and empowering impact on participants’ work and personal lives.

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When given the appropriate knowledge and skills, we are all capable of making informed, effective, and safe choices when facing conflict and violence. As part of that approach, our curriculum is designed to create a shift in how participants view and respond to conflict and violence.

The necessary shifts are created through role-plays, engaging dialogue, and poignant anecdotal stories that challenge participants to reflect on their response to conflict and understand that they have choices. Our training specialists engage participants with their considerable acting skills and specific knowledge of the participants’ workplace to create opportunities for participants to learn and practice skills through actual experience.

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Hugh Pelmore speaking to a crowd of attendees sitting and laughing during an Arete workplace bullying & harassment training conference.

Our Guarantee

ARETE safety training and protection is overwhelmingly successful in every workplace it is delivered. We will provide a full refund for any ARETE in-person workshop that isn’t extremely well-received by your employees & we will donate $500.00 to a charity of your choice.

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