Personal Safety | Public Interaction and Compliance | ONLINE COURSE

Upon completion, participants will have gained:

  • Increased personal confidence and motivation to safely engage the public
  • Increased public co-operation and compliance with rules and regulations
  • Safe and effective strategies for approaching and communicating with people
  • Reduced risk of workplace violence
  • Reduced personal stress for workers

Managing Low-Level Agitation to Escalated Threats

ARETE’s Personal Safety | Public Interaction and Compliance Online Course covers the essentials of safe and effective public engagement, including: building rapport, gaining compliance, managing escalated situations, and much more. ARETE training is not verbal judo or tactical communication training. We focus on customer conflict management rather than control, which reduces risk and increases voluntary compliance.

Choices in Communication

The level of risk is often determined by the communication choices made by workers in response to situations and people’s behaviours. This interactive course illustrates different approaches and the possible outcomes of using passive, overly authoritative, and assertive communication. While workers may have different communication styles, some approaches may be less effective and in some cases, increase risk.

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