Safety with Sam™

Personal safety can be a tricky topic at the best of times

Especially when it involves our children. Even when we arm them with a list of tips, it can still leave us feeling unsure. But in order to actually boost our teen’s personal safety, they need the core skills and confidence to respond to situations that they could one day come across. And that’s exactly where Safety with Sam™ comes in.

Made by Teens for Teens- Sam’s Story

Growing up with a dad who is personal safety and violence prevention expert impacted my overall outlook on safety. Dad wanted us to be aware of the possibilities but not to live our lives in fear. After his workshops, he would come home and tell me that parents are always asking him if he had a training program for kids’ safety.

Speaking from experience, sorry dad, but young people like myself, don’t always enjoy having parents lecture them about safety, let alone anything else. And then it hit me, I bet if a peer was passing on the advice, teens would be more open to the message. I also thought it would be amazing to have other young people involved in the project; a teens teaching teens experience if you will.

What We Cover

  • Safely navigating transit, hanging out at the park, walking through a parkade, and being home alone
  • Learning to trust your intuition along with preventative actions that you can take
  • Understanding how to assess situations and respond confidently and assertively to a variety of common situations, including being approached
  • Being at the right level of awareness for wherever your daily life takes you and understand how that keeps you safe
  • And much more!

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